The Book

SEX / A Little bit of Drugs /

& Rock n Rolling

This book is about my point of view and experience about my life in the music industry the impact we made and seeing the changes from Vinyl to the digital world, how it made a big shift, this I really I need and want to get it out, I been playing with this book for as long I can remember, some close friends can tell you and when they see it they will laugh. :).

What would the world be without the internet, for me, it has been very beneficial? By being organised, it made me excel into the media market, it allows me to set up my record label, quicker than it did with the hard copy distributions, Merchandise, the way I was able to transfer my hard copy
to my website; TOPPROJECTS.CO.UK which I have been building for years with different web designers. It’s been a very long journey and always learning.