BPI award winner Snaith has over 20 years experience in the industry and toured the world for seven years as a member of his former band Galliano. The band sold out twice at the Brixton Academy (Which is now know as 02 Academy Brixton) and toured around the world from London the U.S.A, Japan, Australia, and throughout Europe. This gave Snaith the opportunity to meet and work with a wide range of artists. www.topprojects.co.uk

International Television Appearances and World Tour!

Germany July 1992 Aachen Television. The Word Britain November 1992 C4 Paris-less Nouveaux TV Live Germany July 1992 Koln Television. Top of the Pops, Jools Holland Show. Munich Rock in Reim Fest, Nurnberg Rock am Ring Fest, Langdgraaf Pink Pop Fest, and London Forum. Support to Peter Gabriel world tour .The Palace Melbourne, South Sydney Leagues Club Sydney. London Forum, Montreal Jazz Festival, Special guest to U2 Zoo TV tour in Bologna, New York famous Super club, Chicago Metro, Seattle Moe, San Francisco Binbos.

“Reality Strikes”  the album and the single ” Say What You Like” 2012 http://youtu.be/qNCt96Flayw
Michael Snaith Two times Silver BPI certified sales awards presented to him has recognition of sales in the UK of more than 60,000 albums (Talking Loud) between May ’92 and July ’93. Awarded for the albums: ‘Joyful Noise Unto The Creator’ to date has sold excess of 400,000 units worldwide. ‘The Plot Thickens’ sold over 65,000 in UK.

Jason Ellis AKA KiloJools. KiloJools label has produced the title track “17” and featured Clive Powell on lead vocals,  Jason Ellis AKA KiloJools on back ground vocals! The group “Domino Effect”  http://youtu.be/IP4fDTRoIYA  Clive Powell AKA Destiny has work on Colourful radio, Destiny of SL Troopers Group who signed to Music of Life Records. Cold Sweat was another music company Clive Powell was also affiliated with along side the like of (Cookie Crew, Katch 22. Jason Ellis discovered is creative talent in his youth, he first developed while drawing Star Wars and Battle Star Galatica jet fighters in his front room of his parents home in Brixton. It was at this young age that Jason was bombarded by the sounds of John Holt one of many great reggae artist, right down to his very own choice of music. Hip-hop and Electro. “Everyone in is family would have a different genre of music to play and he would listen to them all, including pop.

Jason Ellis first single was “Planting Semtex” with his group, which became popular on the Tim Westwood Radio Rap show. In the early 90’s. Jason Ellis AKA KiloJools was a leading light to Shorty Blitz of Kiss FM radio, in the discipline of djaying, which helped development his career in the music industry. Ty was also another member that was grounded in his skills of music and beat making. Since then Jason Ellis AKA KiloJools has been working alongside Michael Snaith from The Obedience Projects, former member of Galliano, and Talking Loud, Phonogram records and Mercury USA. Jason Ellis AKA KiloJools is currently working toward his successfully recordings to date 2011 – 2012.

“17” is a unique and special track; we are ready to take our sound to digital stores, Radio Stations….. In addition, live venues. I.S.L.UK is committed to developing further any of its artistes by way of post marketing i.e. Singles, Compilation Albums etc. Artistes are reassured that International Slam London UK is currently working with the worlds leading digital distributors of music.  www.TheOrchard.com courtesy of MTV Television, Napster, MSN, iTunes, VirginFR, Sportify, Real / Rhapsody UK and USA. Music distribution to over 600 digital online stores worldwide and we are located to 25 Offices in 25 countries.