One of the main objectives

One of the main objectives of is to put together under the “The Obedience Project SICCODE 927 Music Arts and Promotions” Building and Motivation, Revenue building and looking for new avenues Marketing, Sales, Admin, Customers services, Team building,... read more

World Tour

Dublin Tivoli, Liverpool UNI, Munich Rock in Reim Fest, Nurnburg Rock am Ring Fest, Langdgraaf Pink Pop Fest, London Forum. 1993 The Palace Melbourne, South Sydney Leagues Club Sydney, London Forum, Montreal Jazz Festival, Special to U2 Bologna, New York Superclub,... read more


The Obedience Project performed in the documentary titled ‘In Cities Of Music’ produced by Filmgo of Milan and sponsored by Heineken. “Halloween” This video footage was sponsored by Heineken and filmed by Filmgo. The documentary... read more