One of the main objectives

One of the main objectives

One of the main objectives of is to put together under the “The Obedience Project SICCODE 927 Music Arts and Promotions” Building and Motivation, Revenue building and looking for new avenues Marketing, Sales, Admin, Customers services, Team building, We are an eclectic mix of unique artistes under its record label umbrella International Slam London UK: singles  from the album “Reality Strikes!” on  Spotify. ” Say What You Like” The project is about music, new media and social affairs, a media venture for venues that will facilitate individuals to display art, rehearse and perform, creating a unique experience through a fusion of entertainment thus developing a leading trend within the existing market.

The events will create an environment for Public Relation opportunities by the invitation of industry heads and VIP artistes to the events. This will enable further networking with key members. Major cultural festivals andmusic events will be a key focus when event planning. Theme nights will be held and take into account the varied interests of customers. Music will be an authentic sound with a contemporary modern attitude. It is hoped that this will give the products a specialized interest that appeals to both British and global customers, resulting in a fresh and unique product. International Slam London UK (ISLUK) is the record label arm under the umbrella of Top Projects Limited.

The label was launched in 2006 by the former member of Talking Loud/Acid Jazz band Galliano, Michael Snaith (BPI Awards Winner Two Times) for sales of over 400,000. The company (ISLUK) are responsible for signing artists from all genres of consultation and a management possibility, production, marketing and distribution of all works.

The artiste will be known as individuals, vocalists, groups, bands, and musicians. The label will endeavor to build a unique product developing in particular experimental music artists, but will also focus on the more familiar Indie, RnB, Rock, Reggae, Hip Hop and Pop genres.

ISLUK is committed to developing further any of its artists by way of post-marketing i.e. Singles, Compilation Albums etc, artists will also be reassured that International Slam London UK are currently working with the worlds leading digital distributor of music The Orchard. Music is distributed to over 600 digital online stores worldwide; which includes Deezer, Google Play, Napster, MSN, iTunes, VirginFR, Rhapsody.

Artistes currently working with International Slam London UK: Michael Snaith, Ronics, Poursha, our developing artist.

Three albums from International Slam London UK -Recording’s Label and three world tour album BPI Awards Winner

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