Motown Experience

Motown Experience

Now, this 11-minute clip. I have had this in my palm for over 25 years, this recording was recorded on my dictaphone which I still have, it is amazing how technology has moved on since then; WOW. I won’t edit it or fancy dress it up. I am giving you the same way I experience Motown, it was a special moment for me considering. I got there just before the door was closed to the public. Detroit USA. I arrived, The Vibes Controller. I give thanks to the almighty for the experience I was given to tour the world and met some great people! I thought it was time to tell my story and how I experience things, going into Motown studio was my best experience ever, which was one of the reason. I had to create my own recording label: International Slam London UK- Recording’s, going into Motown the smell of sweat smelled like perfume if I could have rap it up and put it a bottle or let the smell resonate from the website. I would, it was like I just walk in Motown and Mavin Gaye Steve Wonder Diana Ross the Jackson 5 Smoky Robinson had just finished a studio session. Thanks, David Bird who was my tour guide he made me feel very welcome, to watch television black and white TV and see these amazing artist and then years later. I was able to go to the same place where Barry Gordon had created something genius. I also saw the Motown in London which was very good.


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Motown Experience

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