Community Engagement

Community Engagement

What is The Obedience Projects: Creating Business, Revenue’s / People and Community Developments! Recruitment of Business Economics. Admin and Sales. We are looking for government grants contracts and fundraisers.

The Obedience Project (supported by CENTEC) is a forum of professional people in the media industry working together to develop themselves and other people. It is hoped that the project will be recognised as producing market leaders.

The latter will be achieved by providing the essential tools.i.e Training and qualifications, seminars by industry leaders, mentoring, space for rehearsals/show cases and portfolio development to young people and adults wishing to pursue a career in this field. This project is committed to crime reduction and prevention amongst young people by allowing them to feel integrated into society and the working media industry.( uniform, code of conduct

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The Obedience Projects is currently recruiting people from all backgrounds of music genre and business skills.

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