Motown Experience Now, this 11-minute clip. I have had this in my palm for over 25 years, this recording was recorded on my dictaphone which I still have, it is amazing how technology has moved on since then; WOW. I won’t edit it or fancy dress it up. I am... read more

Beggerman The Obedience Project Sic Code 927 covers a varied amount of things Music Arts and Promotion, this is about awareness to empower people of all greed and backgrounds, we aim to develop communities throughout Great Britain and around the world and we would... read more

International Slam

Obedience Projects launched its album. “Reality Strikes!” through International Slam London UK recording label at Market House, Brixton May 24, 2013; with his band: Michael Snaith. Vocals & Producer. Ray Wright (Bass), Kofi Kari Kari (Percussions), Kenny Barry... read more

New Music Media

Snaith & The Obedience Projects new EP “Sweaty” was put together as an experiment which has definitely paid off as the response from the dance fraternity has been very good. The track features Adele Holness on a vocal that incidentally is also featured... read more

The Obedience Project Sic Code 927

What is The Obedience Projects: Creating Business, Revenue’s / People and Community Developments!Recruitment of Business Economics. Admin and Sales. We are looking for government grants contracts and fundraisers. The Obedience Project (supported by CENTEC) is a forum... read more