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Michael Snaith: Founder of The Obedience Project Sic Code 927™ Director of information and Public Relations /AnR, Creating Business * City & Guilds level 3 +4 Assessor Candidate.  Former chairman of New unity Community Association in Southwark area and raised over 25,000 for the local community were given full support of Southwark council for our work, We specialise in music art and promotions.

Our mission to create Business Revenue / People and Community Developments

Our website: www.topprojects.co.uk has over 443525 Hits and regular visits and hits daily, current visit  to top projects are 81489.Our recording Label: International Slam London UK has 5 albums and a roster of two members c/o The Orchard.com USA digital system network to over 600 digital streams and 65 offices in 65 countries. We also have the fashion line Rock The Ware.com which is within topprojects website, which have all been independently founded since 1995.

“TOP” Mission Statement

The aim of TOP corporation is to aid the youth in the local community by providing art developmental projects. These projects will obtain funding from various source national and international public interest foundations, as well as private sector donors. The funding will be directed at a myriad of training and development projects. For example we plan to launch a music visual art co-ordination through top projects website, this will allow teenagers from disadvantaged backgrounds to communicate and exchange  innovative ideas relating  to the visual arts via the web, with an art magazine proposed. This will create opportunities for the publication of groundbreaking art,journalistic contributions of local youths, and cultural exchange of ideas relating to sales and marketing of music and visual arts. Products and Service: Music Production, Merchandise, Arts and Promotions Space Rehearsal.

Music Art Promotion

This website: www.topprojects.co.uk is about new ideas interviews and content with interesting people and new links, We are building new platforms and ranking our site, topprojects.co.uk, we will be bringing you a varied variety of concepts. Our aim and networks are building teams and bridges for new exposure!  This organisation; The Obedience Project Sic 927™  are collaborating and interacting with other organisation, companies, with the same interest and influence of the music and business developments, we will signpost people in the right direction from crime or looking a way out from the streets, we are available for endorsement, sponsorship to create revenues, through DWP job opportunities and social media affairs. We  have achieved much success with youth developments with their school high grades, job training and further developments into colleges, further more to the whole point of this, with all the many companies becoming redundant and many people losing their jobs we want to be a team player and part of the growth of rebuilding our economy and new industries.

Topprojects.co.uk, with our blogging,  we are looking to reach the greater influx of Greater Britain giving an extra inspirational push, mini-seminar, to top it off and build a magnitude. 
To stay motivated and achieve our 5-year goals. Ace off Diamonds!!! Introduce ourselves as team player’s to the open market.


Sadie’s Genetic’s (coming album)


One of the main objectives of TopProjects.co.uk is to put together under the “The Obedience Projects” an eclectic mix of unique artistes like Ronics: For Better Days E.P under its record label umbrella International Slam London UK album Gran Mar Say available https://topprojects.co.uk/product/gran-mar-say-album/ Courtesy of www.theorchard.com.

Girlfriend I Wonna Be Your Boyfriend http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qZOqKUvOkXQ

The project will also provide a media venue that will facilitate individuals to display art, rehearse and perform, creating a unique experience through a fusion of entertainment thus developing a leading trend within the existing market, unique artistes under its record label umbrella International Slam London UK. Songs from the album: Reality Strikes! Obedience Projects : https://youtu.be/qNCt96Flayw. Available from https://topprojects.co.uk/product/reality-strikes-album/

The events will create an environment for Public Relation opportunities by the invitation of industry heads and VIP artistes to the events. This will enable further networking with key members

Major cultural festivals and music events will be a key focus when event planning. Theme nights will be held and take into account the varied interests of customers. Music will be an authentic sound with a contemporary modern attitude. It is hoped that this will give the products a specialised interest that appeals to both British and global customers, resulting in a fresh and unique product.

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