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The Obedience Project performed in the documentary titled ‘In Cities Of Music’ produced by Filmgo of Milan and sponsored by Heineken. “Halloween” This video footage http://youtube.com/watch?v=SAUZZDQo1Qo was sponsored by Heineken and filmed by Filmgo. The documentary . In Cities of Music, Filmgo went around the world and filmed cities and place which involved music! The Obedience Projects, (we are ahead of the game)! The company was based in Italy. Halloween was film at the famous WKD in 1996 Camden town; doesn’t time fly! And we are still grinding! The story behind the song Halloween. while I was on World tour with my former band Galliano.

I went to the centre of New York, Time Square. I was watching the Screen news and all types of stories that were announced. The one thing that stuck out was a story of a Asian boy who went trickle treating and knock on the wrong door, has the man open the door he shoot the boy in the head and killed him. The excuse; was he keep getting rob and he was scared. For me it touch me so I had to write about it! Halloween is available on iTunes:https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/gran-mar-say/id194068472

1996 WKD London August 1995 EST 1 Nights of Hip Hop Festival, Osaka Nankanosima Kohkaido Hall, 3000 plus audience. Press Coverage Press Coverage 1994 Montreux Jazz Festival July 1-16-1994 New Musical Express- NME- 2 July 1994 Free Sydney/Canberra issue. 15 Feb 1993 Obedience Poetry (The Face Magazine 1994. Front Cover Echoes July. 11.1992 Talking Loud Label of The Year. Dec 21/22. 1991 Rock and Folk (French) 1992 Mix-Mag 18 Nov 1992 Blues and Soul May 1992 Vibrations World Jazz Rap Magazine 1991 France Southwark Local Area News SAVO December 2002 Sans Nom 1992 France ID Magazine November 1997 Gulliver Magazine Japan September 1992 Face Magazine May 1994 Television Appearances International Television Appearances The Beat 6.5.1994 Germany July 1992 Aachen Television. The Word Britain November 1992 C4 Paris-less Nouveaux TV Live Germany July 1992 Koln Television. Jools Holland Show.

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