Gangs and Street Culture of Britain

We have a big problem in our community, which have been getting bad to worse, how will or can we stop it or slow it down? Unfortunately there will always be some form of gang violence and disagreement agree to disagree, Many youths are not Educationally educated and need mind developments. Personally I don’t like to alway share the viideo foootages of what we have been seeing latley, to highlight the knife and macthy crimes which are going on, but I do think it does needs to be aired, many are choosing to ignore it, until it is near our door steps, many of these gangs, shot randumly with no care, where their “Beef” have overflowed into our shopping centres’ where there are innocent children babys familys who are caught  up with these road rats problems, this have been a regular acorrence, like every week it so seems. How can we steer the young boy’s, at this point this is geared to towards Black youths and anyone who are from any other  background. Will include the young girl’s as well because, their are many young people with a lack of knowledge, single mother’s who block out fathers from their children, fathers who want to be part of their childrens life style is block by court orders or parents moved address without fathers knowing thier where abouts, some father who don’t show interest to their children, the list goes on.

The government pulled the plug from community centres. I know. I have worked in the youth sectors over 15 years and seen the decline of the youth support, which did  help control a lot of whats going on now, if young people minds are occupied with positive ideas. I think what is really happening know, deprived areas with some deprived children are reacting  to how the system have become, less family support, more familys in debt, losss of jobs, the far to reach are getting caught up with the wrong crowd, we need more apprenticeships, for those who want to lean and turn their life around, it works when u get the right person in time. More skill needs to be taught, we must remember those young people who are in education and those who are acheiving their scholarships, their career goals, doctoring, pilots, enginering, we do have the positive side which can be acheived and are acheived, we can only help and support those who wants to do better.

Help us to make that turn around from £1 to £5 or £10 Whatever you can afford and in support of sharing this will be appreciated. Thank you

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